By Caroline McCarthy

5 Must-Haves for Property Marketing

Buyers have become immune to “selling” and in todays online marketplace "attention" is now the biggest commodity people are trading and developers have to earn.

In the property market, estate agents and developers face the challenge of battling for buyers in a busy marketplace.

With our experience in marketing property we wanted to outline the "Must-Haves" to ensure leads and sales:

Content Marketing

Creating a full strategy for your marketing campaign should include Content Marketing. What is the story you will tell? Dive into the location, the community, the history, the heritage – the area’s past, present and future. You are creating a long term strategy and story that will allow you to build up phases over years and also build the developer’s reputation. By investing at the start it will allow you to curate a story over many years for the development.

REMEMBER: There are several different types of buyers to market to - from the first time buyer to the retiree looking to downsize.

Create a plan around what they would need to know in order to buy and all the information needed in the journey to buy a home. Why send people to a third party website when you can create content on your website answering all their questions and use social media advertising to drive them to that content.

Video Content

There are so many passionate people involved on a building project, there is ample opportunity for everyone on the team to help piece the collective vision together to create a successful outcome for everyone on the team - for example an interview on video with the interior designer will mean awareness and new clients for them as well as reach and awareness for the development. Why not try:

  • Interviews with residents
  • Interviews with the build team or interior designers.
  • Interviews with local businesses.
  • Journeys for commuters


There are several types of email your marketing executive or agency can use to create advertising campaigns for your property:

  • Invite to a Preview evenings
  • Steps on how to buy and financing
  • Information on schemes and grants
  • Information on converting attics or garden extensions

Keeping your potential buyers in the loop with branded emails outlining each stage of the development will keep the buyer interested and on the line and move them through the sales funnel:

property buyer sales funnel

Mobile Friendly Website

Increasingly we are seeing the percentage of traffic from mobile devices to our clients website outweigh desktop traffic and steadily increasing.

40% of users are likely to abandon your website if it doesn’t load with 3 seconds

We now advocate with our clients to design a mobile - first website: it is designed primarily to be used on mobile devices and how it looks on desktop is secondary. Or we often can audit and recommend updates to a website as we did with Marina Village, Greystones.

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