By Gavin Lacey

The power of a strong logo

Your company logo should portray the values and goals of your company and plays a crucial role in your brand strategy. A well designed logo helps keep your brand message consistent and helps make your business more recognisable to consumers.

Designing a logo takes time and an in-depth understanding of what a business does, their target audience and the message they want to portray. You should be wary of websites that offer quick and cheap solutions – you will ultimately get what you pay for. Free logo makers are also not a good idea if you want professional results. If your logo looks amateurish, then so will your business.

Do you need a new logo?

There may be technical issues with your current logo design. If it is a complicated design it may appear obscured when it is scaled down. Think of all the different uses for your logo – does it look good on your business cards, on your website, on social media and when it appears on larger screens in presentations?

Does your company logo look outdated?

You may have simply outgrown your logo and it not longer defines who you are as a business. A fresh identity could appeal more to your target audience and entice new customers.

Has your company recently grown or changed direction?

Your company may be expanding in to new business areas. Perhaps you are selling new products or offering new services. An expansion or a merger can be an opportunity for a new logo or potentially even a new name. Starbucks, for example, recently removed the starbucks coffee from its logo suggesting that it is moving beyond just selling coffee.

How timeless is your logo?

You will get longevity from a logo design that is both recognisable and liked by people. Some Logos have existed for decades with very little change to their original design. The likes of Adidas, Coca-Cola, Subway and Google are icons in their own right. The current logo of the BBC has been around since 1997, yet still has not become dated. Creating this type of timeless logo is key to a great design.

If you are considering a new logo for your business, you should bare in the mind the following points to ensure a successful result:

Use of Colour

If a logo design relies on colour to distinguish certain elements, then the logo will loose its impact when it is reproduced in black and white. The Apple logo, for example, is easily recognisable in black and white and any single colour it is reproduced in.

Colours are also used to trigger psychological responses and to emote certain feelings about a brand. Red is thought to stimulate hunger and excitement which is why it is used by so many food and beverage companies such as MacDonalds and Coca Cola. Luxury brands like Channel use black to exude sophistication, while blue is seen as the colour of trust and is a popular choice for banks and financial institutions.

Be unique

A logo should always be unique and individual to the business. It should set you apart from others and be instantly recognisable. They say imitation is the highest form of flattery but copying a logo is never a good idea. A design that is too close to a competitor could also break trademark regulations.

Keep it simple

By keeping the design simple it can be easily reproduced. Corporate brands such as McDonald’s and Apple have very simple icons that maintain their power when reproduced at any size. The ideal trademark is simple and unique yet familiar. No easy feat!

Don't rush it!

The aim is to create a design that will have longevity. You should therefore spend time getting the design right. You may regret being hasty as this could lead to greater expense down the road when your logo needs to be repaired or completely overhauled. Before deciding on a final design, show to a variety of different people and gauge their reactions.

Who should design your logo?

It’s a good idea to invest in your brand by employing an experienced designer to create your logo. The final decision will always lie with you, the client, but your chosen designer should provide you with several options as a starting point. Trying to do it yourself, without having a design background, could backfire and you may spend valuable time creating an ineffective design.

The advantages of hiring a professional logo designer:

  • Your logo will be unique and memorable
  • Your logo will look professional
  • You will receive a full set of style guides for usage, including all alternative versions of your logo
  • Your logo won’t need to be redesigned in a couple of years

Do you need help with logo design? We offer all aspects of brand design for your business. Get in touch for a no nonsense quotation!

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A logo should always be unique and individual to the business. It should set you apart from others and be instantly recognisable.

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