Our approach

Delivering results

You want measurable success. Everything we do has that goal in mind. We work with you in a open, honest and adaptable manner. Our strategies are designed by following the four stages of Discovery, Strategy, Create, Deploy.









Discovery search

We develop a foundation of trust and mutual understanding by learning about your business, the broader industry and customers that are driving engagement in order to discover opportunities.

We establish your most valuable audience segments, what they hope to experience and where they might be experiencing friction. Aligning business goals with your visitors’ goals creates clear objectives that serve as strategic goalposts.

Strategy cloud_upload

A shared creative vision and a plan are key aspects of successful engagement.

We collaborate with you to define the strategy and key performance indicators for each initiative we work on.

We define the customer experience and communication approach to capture marketing opportunities.

Create color_lens

The vision becomes a reality through creating the new experience. To ensure success, we assess whether our design concepts are effective through qualitative and quantitative testing.

We design all the elements that are neccessary for all online and offline touchpoints that will be engaging and relevant to customers. Develop the requisite data, graphics, content, web technologies, and campaigns required.

Deploy lightbulb_outline

The fun really begins when your product and campaigns are live. We deploy all the required marketing communications necessary to run your campaign.

We measure effectiveness of the strategy, activities and outcomes, and let the data inform the next iteration to capture opportunities and deliver results.

I have found Red Man Media very easy to do business with – they listened to our needs and came up with excellent concepts and designs – on time and at great value for money. Never missed a deadline!

Brian Kelly Emizar

Red Man Media

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